EPIC Smiles’ vision is to draw caricatures and provide art education to young people across the globe in efforts of creating a global community of young caricatures artists that will inspire imagination, creativity, and a sense of unity, all through the amazing art of caricature. 

The mission of EPIC Smiles is to provide children around the world with new, creative, and inspiring experiences using the art of caricature.

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Goal One: Make children smile, laugh, and experience positive emotions.

Have you ever had a caricature done of yourself, or seen one of someone you know? Then you have most likely experienced the positive effects of the of seeing the whimsical  exaggerated art of caricature-and hopefully it made you laugh and smile. Freud once said, “humor as the highest, most mature form of human defense mechanism”. He was right, we all need to smile and laugh a little more, especially at ourselves.

Goal Two: Provide novel experiences that will fuel imagination and foster creative thinking.
Empirical evidence proves that merely having a new and unusual experience enhances one’s cognitive flexibility, which increases creative potential! Imagine if a photograph is the “norm”. A caricature challenges the mind to accept new possibilities and reevaluate the world.

Goal Three: Provide art instruction for all and extra support for children who show interest in caricatures.
Give a kid a caricature, and he or she will laugh for a day. Teach a kid how to draw caricatures, and he or she will provide others with laughter, learn some new skills, increase his/her creativity, and potentially earn a little extra income in the future; that is what I always say. Not really, but it makes sense! Art education has been proven to have positive results on cognitive skills, therapeutic value, and other valuable outcomes, like improved creativity.

Goal Four: Create an international community online and through newsletters.
Creating an international community would contribute to sustainable programming, provide a form of cultural exchange, and provide continued mentoring and inspiration for the children with whom we work. Additionally, kids could potentially share their artwork with other programs around the world.


Hi, I’m Daniel Cape and I’ve been drawing caricatures for the last twelve years at places like Universal Studios in Hollywood, The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, fairs, parties, and I just opened my own booth at Silverwood Theme Park in northern Idaho. I consider caricatures to be a hobby, but one that I’m extremely passionate about. My dad got me into caricatures when I was younger and it has changed my life. One of my dreams has been to travel the world and draw caricatures of people. Now it’s time to make that dream a reality!
My background is in Experiential Education. I’ve worked in US and international camp settings, outdoor education, after school programs, non-profit organizations, and in a project based learning school. Right now I’m working on my PhD in Psychology with a focus in Creativity Studies. After moving around the country, and the world, I’ve finally settled down in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where I live with my wonderful dog Miya.

So far I’ve had the pleasure of drawing people in Guatemala, Belize, Japan, and Ukraine on some of my adventures.  


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